OneDrive: How to setup the sync client

How to Use the One Drive for Business Next Generation Sync Client

Follow these steps to start using the new OneDrive sync client. OneDrive for Business is more than just cloud storage. Use the Follow command for important docs, investigate the Shared with Me folder, learn the functionalities within Windows Explorer, and sync files to your Outlook. This guide brings tips and tricks that improve digital productivity and help create an all-digital culture within Microsoft.  Continue reading

Citrix: SHA1 and RC4

Latest news!!! SHA1 is now considered insecure! Well, only theoretically insecure for the time being (as of Jan, 2016), but very soon, the keys will be broken! We actually have had a SHA1 certificate being used by Citrix Access Gateway (version: 5.0.4 .223500, 2011-12-14). AND we were using RC4. Two issues that keep growing in importance. First problems started early 2016, when our site wouldn’t work with Chrome and kept throwing up errors in Firefox. Continue reading

Brake Lights / VSA lights / AWD lights!

My little Acura RDX 2007 kept on having this intermittent problem that was driving me nuts! Well, it first happened to my wife. Out of the blue, the lights on the dashboard came up! A LOT OF LIGHTS! Brake lights, VSA and AWD lights all came up, scaring my wife thinking that car is going to blow up. The brakes were working fine though, and she was able to drive home on the freeway without issue. After a lot of research online, I came up with a posting on Acurazine and this DIY: Continue reading