Citrix: Moving from Access Gateway to NetScaler!

We have an ancient Citrix Access Gateway, version: 5.0.4 .223500, 2011-12-14. Guess who gets to upgrade and make it modern! ME! WHOOHOO! 🙂 

In order not to disturb our production environment, I’ll be setting up NetScaler Gateway in parallel, while the Access Gateway is still running.

First, login into Citrix and download the files you need:


Even though there is version 11, that is for the appliance firmware. I’m using a virtual appliance under Citrix XenServer, so I’ll be working with 10.1-Safe Harbor (SaHa) Build: 131.11

This post is actually for ME to keep notes on the default setup of the lab. It’s going to be a bit long, so be ready! 🙂

Default Username: nsroot
Default Password: nsroot
Using 3 IPs:

  1. Internal network IP
  2. IP for management
  3. IP for external DMZ

Log back into Citrix portal and get your license file. Once you apply your license file, the system will reboot and bring you up to this screen:


Not a bad start!

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