Autodesk Certified Hardware list…. updated!

I’m sure most of you have heard that the Autodesk 2012 products are out already, and some of you have enough started dl’ing the new software via subscription center. YAY!

But what I thought was cool was the new Autodesk Graphics Hardware list. You can search by a particular software or even a Design Suite (the new Autodesk offering) to make sure that the graphics hardware for your machine is supported. Need to find out if your graphics card supports shadows, color fills, and transparent elements in Revit 2012 products? Make sure you see a green check mark greencheckmark for those specific items!


Leveraging 3D printing to be better than awesome!

HUGE shout out to Karen Lewis, our director of marketing of Microsol Resources, for coordinating an amazingly successful event. Originally slated for the Rose Auditorium in the new Cooper Union building, we had moved the event to the Foundation Building in The Great Hall for the enormous interest. Did you know that The Great Hall once had 8 presidents had spoken there since it’s opening in 1858, with Lincoln accounting his own presidency to his speech in The Great Hall in 1860?! Sounds awesome? It is!

We have had our own 3D printer grace our offices for the past year or so, and we’re always looking for things to print. Our offices have printed stuff all over the place, along very detailed models that spin, rotate, and flip to mimic real objects (steering column, ball bearings, wrenches, screw cap bottle). Yes, you can print components that move with the Z Corp machines. It’s a lot cheaper than most people imagine, and the detail is amazing. If you’re awesome enough to tour firms like Pelli or Foster, ask to check out their 3D printing labs and see for yourself. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

root’ing it out

Got my B & N nook color, root’ed and all! Setup it up so every morning, it’ll sync my stuff to make my morning commute more bearable. I still use my BB for my emails, but the nook makes a great reader for news and tech articles, and even a video or two! Aside from the default apps from auto-nooter-3.0, here’s my app list (still looking for a good RDP client):

Simple and clean, just the way I like it! And that gauge on my home screen is the lackluster audio output, but at least it plays videos pretty well (after conversion)!


Ran into a very good article this morning from Ars Technica titled “Virtualization in the trenches with VMware, pt 2″. Storage issues are a very common problem that IT folks run into, especially when dealing with lots and lots of data and trying to get the right balance between price/performance. Ars did a great write up here, detailing and explaining variables that need to be thoroughly scruntinized for each office. I like how they’re talking about 10GigE when I just came back from an office that is still a wired Cat3 network. Yes folks, that’s Cat3. Thankfully I was brought in to help them manage the project for their massive overhaul.

Hmmmmm, I wonder if I’ll get approved for RAID-0 SSD drives for my servers soon 🙂