Custom Acura RDX with side mirror LED turn signal

I’ve always been amused by the trucks that have turn signals in their mirrors. I’m not sure if they’re a gimmick or not, but I feel that they’re super useful since cars in your blind spot who can’t see your turn signal. And because of that, this is a safety issue (that’s my excuse to delve into this project! 330 

NOTE: You can always put one of those circle blind spot mirrors or get a larger rear view mirror too, but that takes away from the “look” of the car. So instead, I decided to melt plastic and rubber on a beautiful afternoon!

1) Heat gun
2) LED Signals
3) 20 gauge wire + heat shrink
4) Solder kit

*** WEAR GLOVES! Heat is heat and when you use the heat gun, the plastic and rubber will get hot!!! ***

1) Take the heat gun and separate the mirror from the casing. This will take about 10 minutes, depending on how much heat and how much silicone was used. Once the rubber holding the mirror sides are hot and the silicone is soft, you can take a small screw driver and very gently remove the mirror from the casing.

Once it’s removed from the casing, you’ll see the heated mirror element, which is a thin foil. Heat it some more so you can peel away the film just enough to put the LED signal into place.

mirror melt

2) Test to make sure your mirror & LED turn signals are working. Cars are 12 volts, but LEDs can function in a wide range of voltage. I used alligator test clips on a 9v battery to test


3) Once confirmed working and in place, head the mirror holder plastic so that you can attach the mirror back to the casing.

4) Go back to the car and test the wiring. In my Acura RDX 2007, purple is red, black is black. I basically used one of my Oznium lights to make sure it lights up properly.


5) Pushed my hazards on to confirmed that it’s working so it’s time to solder it! I took a box cutter to nick the purple and black wire enough to make a solder point for the hookup wire. Put some heat shrink tubing and then started soldering. And then heated the tubing to make a clean look.

6) Once soldered, I tested that everything is working again before snapping the mirror back onto the casing back onto the actuator. SUCCESS!


Not too hard of a mod, but you’re working with electricity and lots of heat, so be safe!!!!!

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