V-Ray licensing is NOT the same as Autodesk!

So I got a few questions on this recently, especially from those who moved their own v-ray licenses to the new dongle based licenses from Chaos Group. I made a video on this here, but there’s some pointers to keep in mind:

1) On the server, you want to make sure the V-Ray Licensing components are setup to run on boot up, namely, to run as a service. You do this by going to the START MENU –> ALL PROGRAM –> Chaos Group –> V-Ray for _____ –> Licensing –> Administration –> Register V-Ray license service. This creates a service call VRLService on the server. You need to be an Administrator to do this. If not, you’ll get an error “VRL Service”: “Failed to open registry key”.

2) To specify which server to pick up the licenses, go to START MENU –> ALL PROGRAM –> Chaos Group –> V-Ray for _____ –> Licensing –> Administration –> Chagne V-Ray client license. This dialogue window will pop up; on the primary license server, type in the license server. You can also use IP address (as you see in the screenshot).

V-Ray dongle based floating license – installation & configuration

It hasn’t been long since we’ve partnered up with Chaos Group to offer V-Ray and my-oh-my, there has been a lot of interest!

One of the common questions I get is about those pretty blue dongles. We’re all used to setting up FlexLM to manage licenses, but all Chaos Groups’ V-Ray licenses are managed by a USB dongle. So how does it work, how will my network be affected, how will our firms’ licenses be managed? Well, here’s a quick little video that demonstrates how to install the license server and then making sure the dongle is [properly] read by the workstation (I’m using a Windows 7, 64bit machine for our licenses). It’s not as easy as just sticking the USB in so before you jump in, it’ll be good to check the video out. 

Visualizing beyond awesomeness….

X-rays are nice and all, but V-ray… V-ray breaks the barrier between what’s real and what’s in our imagination… wait, rather.. what’s beyond our imagination. We’re taking it to the next level of awesome cuz we’re now resellers of this amazing power! And… wow. We’re talking speed, precision, power, … power… wow, just holy moly wow. Take a look at their 2011 demo reel for some awesomeness. The official ‘press release’ is here, but I’m sure you’re more interested in what v-ray is capable of. Check it out: