Default PDF: How to change it in Win 10

Like most IT folks, I prefer not to use Edge as my default PDF reader. It’s a basic PDF reader without many options. Instead, I opt for Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Yes, I also tried Foxit and Nitro, as well as Sumatra, but Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is still my preferred.

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GoToMeeting: Admin powers?

Working with the InfoSec group and coming up with a strategy to reduce our attack vectors, the easiest thing to do is remove administrative powers from standard user accounts. You can do most tasks with your standard account and removing elevated powers will prevent bad guys from gaining access to your machine.

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OneDrive: How to setup the sync client

How to Use the One Drive for Business Next Generation Sync Client

Follow these steps to start using the new OneDrive sync client. OneDrive for Business is more than just cloud storage. Use the Follow command for important docs, investigate the Shared with Me folder, learn the functionalities within Windows Explorer, and sync files to your Outlook. This guide brings tips and tricks that improve digital productivity and help create an all-digital culture within Microsoft.  Continue reading

Citrix: SHA1 and RC4

Latest news!!! SHA1 is now considered insecure! Well, only theoretically insecure for the time being (as of Jan, 2016), but very soon, the keys will be broken! We actually have had a SHA1 certificate being used by Citrix Access Gateway (version: 5.0.4 .223500, 2011-12-14). AND we were using RC4. Two issues that keep growing in importance. First problems started early 2016, when our site wouldn’t work with Chrome and kept throwing up errors in Firefox. Continue reading

Moving Autodesk License Servers via Group Policy

Showing you what I did on a recent project with a client – moving license servers on a few hundred workstations automatically! Very useful when migrating servers or retiring servers, or even making sure workstation have a backup license server in the cloud. Using Group Policy, we make an environment variable on workstation listed on a specific OU. The environment variable will direct workstation to point the Autodesk software to point to the new server.

What’s new with Revit Server 2014?

Autodesk Revit Server, in it’s 3rd gen, improves upon previous versions and allows users within an organization across multiple locations to simultaneously collaborate on Revit workshared projects. I’m going to explain what’s new in Revit Server 2014 and also show you how to set it up in your office. Understand the concepts, and then get the servers ready by installing any prerequisites. It might sound obvious, but before implementing Revit Server in your office, it’s highly recommended to do some planning and draw it out logically how you want / expect it to work. You don’t want to make a bunch of Revit Servers floating around your network and cluttering your VM.

Zoo 5.0 – new build released!

For our awesome clients who have more than 120 seats of McNeel’s Rhino, there is a new build! Released on Jan 15, the  new build of Zoo 5 fixes that error when you try to manage the Zoo licenses but aren’t able to because of the error “There was a problem communicating with the service” and none of the licenses show up.


Even after checking the service and reinstalling, it still fails! How frustrating! Thankfully it’s been resolved, and quite quickly too! Click on the link and install on the same machine. The previously registered licenses are retained (whew!) and everything will be quiet in the Zoo once again and you get back to creating some awesome geometry in Rhino!