When’s my AutoCAD 2011 coming?!

Some people have been asking (by CALLING MIND YOU!) for their 2011 media. Out of the big pool that is expected, only three products of the AutoCAD family is available (AutoCAD [tried and true, old school], AutoCAD LT [YUCK!] & AutoCAD Architecture). If you want it NOW, log into the subscription center and start your downloads! Can’t find the right links?

When you log into subscription center, that orange button is the place you want to click “GET YOUR UPGRADES”


Then you’ll see the below screen on the left… click on the software you want to download. VOILA! It’s that simple!!!

And if your internet connection is crappy, then you might want to order a DVD: Left hand navigation area, click on “Request a DVD/CD” and fill out the form. PLEASE make sure you order what you need. Did you know that every month, about 100,000 pounds of DVD/CD are disposed of? YIKES! Help reduce your footprint and order only what you MUST order.


Ready for another round of AutoCAD? 2011 is out!

It seems like everyone and their mother’s are blogging about the new 2011 software that was just release…. AutoCAD and other fun joys. Of course, you’d read from your favorite reseller on their front page about it, about how awesome the new UI is, how slick the new tools are, how much easier it is to use materials…. Instead of reading about it, why not join the fun? Install it and play around with it yourself? It’s packed with lots of tutorials that even let’s newbs [and maybe even some noobs] seem like seasoned experts!

We actually started rolling AutoCAD 2011 on our virtual network as a test a few weeks ago, and it’s been going pretty well! No stability issues to mention [yet]. What I did notice is the new prereq’s that it needs before the software is actually deployed, as well as the affecting components. Nothing new in the deployment side of things. GP and SCCM still the norm. No real significant usage tools available for the CAD Managers snoopping around to make sure their architects are actually working.

If you’re wondering what’s the difference between 2010 and 2011, check out the Autodesk comparison matrix. I’m sure you love marketing materials don’t you? As for the meat and potatoes – we’ll have a webinar full of useful awesomeness on our website soon! In the meantime, read more of the [general] new features here! ….


*This is picture is not done in AutoCAD 2011 nor is it a render from AutoCAD 2011… It’s just me on the top floor of Guggenheim Museum in the NYC. Thought you’ll need a break from all the IT/CAD stuff with all the hype and hoopla going around =)

PST! Hey! Pssssst!! …..

I hate it when people PST me! PSTs are useless and is super annoying [to manage that is]. I mean PST as in, the much elusive personal folder file in Outlook. Folks have been using this 10 years ago, back in the day of Outlook 2000, even 97, and has been a constant headache. I had AUTODESK clients call me and asking me for my take on it, and the solution. Well, not all things work for all people, and one solution doesn’t work for everyone. BUT! Taking that grain of salt, you can actually disable PSTs in Outlook (and disabling the autoarchive feature). Instead, you can store everything in your inbox and make it really really big. And if you have Exchange 2010, you can archive them automatically (great for ‘discoveries,’ which can be a total headache if you don’t have the right mechanisms in place).

Since Microsoft Office XP SP2, you can make a DisablePst entry of type REG_DWORD in the … THE JOYS OF REGISTRY EDITTING!! =)

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\10.0\Outlook registry subkey. Create (or set) the value of DisablePst to 1 to prevent users from creating or opening Personal Folders (.pst) files, which in turn will disable any autoarchiving features.

If your users already use PSTs, make sure you merge them together FIRST before you disable it. If not, you won’t be able to use the PSTs and your old dusty emails will be useless! You can also do this via Group Policy:

  • User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Microsoft Office Outlook 2007\Tools\Options\Other\AutoArchive, select Disable File, Archive….ENABLE. Enabling it will disable the feature. HAHAHA, funny isn’t it? I love how GPO are done.

Here’s the reference article: http://www.windowsitpro.com/article/exchange-and-outlook-tips-amp-techniques/autoarchive-and-disablepst-in-outlook.aspx

And if you ever thought of putting your PSTs on the LAN for “management” and “backup” purposes, think again. It’s totally not smart. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself. If you’re bored and want to know more, read it here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/297019/en-us

IPv6 anyone?

There’s a lot of interest with IPv6 recently, and rightfully so. IPv4 is slated to run out of addresses very soon; it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how IPv6 can work in your office and start some serious brainstorming!

While brainstorming, I thought of my core technology needs – which is Autodesk software. If you want your workstations to obtain licenses, then you’ll need the specific version of FlexLM License Manger that supports it!


Autodesk Network License Manager IPv6 Support for Windows {link}

Published Date: 2010-Mar-06
Article ID: DL10976858

Things to note about this version:

  • You can not return borrowed licenses early.
  • This works in a ‘mixed’ IPv4 and IPv6 environment, not just IPv6.

No need for second shot… did it in one!

Studied studied…. and PASSED! Took the 83-640 exam today (Windows Server 2008 – Active Directory, Configuring). The 70-640 exam was actually retired recently in favor of the 83-640 since the new thing is actually testing in virtual machines and virtual networks. Thoughts? I really enjoyed doing the virtual servers and labs! Much better than studying terminology (which was the second half of the exam). A CRAZY FOUR HOURS IN ONE SPOT!! But thankfully, I passed!

Now I’m off to the next exam! I love being in IT! 🙂