Using Flexera License Manager (FlexLM) for multiple vendors

Quick little video (less than 5min) showing how you can use the network licensing scheme not just for Autodesk, but also for Solidworks, SmartBIM, ArcGIS, and many other software vendors. I will explain how you can consolidate your license servers by running multiple license server services, each server it’s own vendor without having multiple actual servers, physical or virtual. This is useful since everyone wants to maximize every server on their networks and also cut down the number of servers to a minimum.

too many sweets leads to cavities!

Sweets, suites… too many all leads to bad things!

Over in our support group, I’ve noticed some clients running into a reoccurring issue. When a client has both Revit Architecture Suite AND Building Design Suite, there are some anomalies that happen… well, not anomalies – they just don’t work the way that’s expected. Users that start AutoCAD / AutoCAD Architecture / Revit Architecture automatically takes a Building Design Suite license and not the cheaper Revit Architecture Suite license. Following Autodesk 2012 cascading logic, it should first take the cheapest license pool but it doesn’t. This is a known issue and Autodesk development is already on it and working to make a fix.

If you’re running into the same error, contact your Autodesk reseller support staff and they should know how to fix it. If you’re one of our clients, we’re already on it. We wouldn’t want you to develop any cavities! 

*and if you’re wondering, I prefer sour gummi worms 

2012: FLEXnet® feature codes for Autodesk products

Autodesk just posted a big list of all their products and their corresponding feature codes. A lot of you have been emailing me for this so I’m glad that Autodesk officially released it. Now, when you run a status inquiry, you can find out exactly who’s using what particular product.

Check it out here: