Conditional Forwarders in Windows 2008

A few questions that came through my inbox included how resources from domain A can access resources in domain B in conjunction with using Revit Server. Additionally, when you install Revit 2012 (Architecture, Structure, or MEP), you also have the option of specifying the name of your Revit Server to connect your Revit instance. If you’re on the same domain, your DNS will take care of name resolution to your domains. Trouble starts when you’re working with RS environments between different domains since server1 from domain A can’t talk to server2 from domain B since it doesn’t know it’s IP. To fix it, you will need to configure conditional forwarders.

This from the DNS snap-in from the Windows 2008 R2 server, and from there, you have a few options:

You just place the DNS domain name in the top section and the IP address of the DNS server that is authoritative for that domain below.  Storing the conditional forwarder in AD is not default, but recommended (check box). You can also specify the amount of time the DNS server will wait before it times out (default is 5 seconds). If you’re going between different domains in different countries / continents, I would increase the time out period.

This will allow different domains to establish connection between users -> local Revit Server -> Central Revit Server. Hope it helps you guys configuring and expanding RS! If you have trouble, feel free to drop a comment!



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LMTOOLS – “WinSock: Connection reset by peer”

(lmgrd) Can’t send reread to adskflex: Cannot read data from license server system. (-16,10009:10054 “WinSock: Connection reset by peer”)

If you ever ran into the above message or anything similar, AND run Windows 2008 R2, this issue is likely related to Windows DEP. If you’re using 64bit of LMTOOLS, you’ll need to go to the DEP settings and only enable DEP for Windows services (the first radio button) since you cannot make exceptions for 64bit based process.

If you’re using 32bit LMTOOLS, you have the choice of turning on DEP only for Windows essential stuff (above), or all programs & services. If you choose to do it for all programs and services, you can add a few exceptions:

  • Go into LMTOOLS and stop the license service
  • Stop any process in Task Manager (lmgrd.exe, adskflex.exe, FlexLM Service 1, etc etc)
  • Control Panel > System > Advanced > Performance Settings > Data Excution Prevention.
  • Add an exception for LMGRD.exe, LMUTIL.EXE, LMTOOLS.EXE, ADSKFLEX.EXE, and FlexLM Service 1 (or what you called the service)
  • Go into LMTOOLS and start the service.

Now you just have to continually monitor it. I’d recommend having it email you when the service fails so you know where/when to remote into your server. Hope that helps!