Brake Lights / VSA lights / AWD lights!

My little Acura RDX 2007 kept on having this intermittent problem that was driving me nuts! Well, it first happened to my wife. Out of the blue, the lights on the dashboard came up! A LOT OF LIGHTS! Brake lights, VSA and AWD lights all came up, scaring my wife thinking that car is going to blow up. The brakes were working fine though, and she was able to drive home on the freeway without issue. After a lot of research online, I came up with a posting on Acurazine and this DIY:

I started driving the car so I can find out what the heck is happening. When the lights came on while starting the car, I had trouble shifting from Park to Drive since you have to have the brakes engaged to shift.Changing the part has resolved it!

I bought the part from the Acura dealership for about $20 – Part #36750-SMA-013

*I did not disconnect the battery. Too lazy


Remove the switch by making a quarter counter-clockwise turn.



There is a “depression” on the switch that you need to twist into the housing. I did NOT replace the housing.

Slide the switch in and push the switch in a little so that contact with the white plastic is against the pedal. It’s similar to a “reverse switch” – when you press the brakes, it causes the white part to reveal, which then ENGAGES the switch, telling the car computer that you are pressing the brakes. The car computer uses this info to adjust cruise control, ABS, and even the brake lights. This switch is VERY IMPORTANT!

Insert into place with a quarter turn clockwise and plug the harness back in. Test it by pressing the brakes. Your brake lights should come on. If it does, you’re golden!


Here’s a helpful video from Eric the Car Guy on YouTube:

2005 Acura RL Sometimes Won’t Come Out of Park -EricTheCarGuy


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