Where are my Autodesk media and documents?!

In case you’re wondering, there’s an email out that went out from Autodesk that clearly says that new media will NOT be shipped; you’ll have to download them yourself from subscription center. What a joy! It’s not uncommon though, Microsoft started doing the same thing last year I believe.

That scary email you’ll be getting (or already got… gotten? HA!):


If you didn’t get the email but need documentation and/or media, go to this link: Autodesk Documents & Media and you’ll see this screenshot:


MS Second Shot offer is on again! Whoohoo!

Just got this email from Microsoft MCP news flash:

Second Shot Returns to Help You Advance Your Career

Second Shot, the most popular certification offer in Microsoft history, has returned to help you pass your next certification exam and further your career. Second Shot gives you a free retake offer if you do not pass a Microsoft Certification Exam on the first attempt.

But don’t wait–to get a Second Shot you must take both the first exam and (if necessary) the retake exam before June 30, 2010. This offer applies to all Microsoft Learning IT professional, developer, project management, and Microsoft Dynamics exams, including academic exams. Learn more about Second Shot

Okay, time to revamp my cert endeavors and not procrastinate. I always thought these certs were fun, now I have more incentive to get them!!!