FlexLM on Windows 2008 R2

Just a heads up on the many many folks who are loading Windows 2008 R2; you know who you are. First off: Autodesk is NOT supporting FlexLM on Windows 2008, R2 or otherwise. That being said, FlexLM 11.5 will load on Windows 2008.

EDIT:  2012 Jan 03 – Autodesk is supporting Windows Server 2008 R2 installation of FlexLM, and the current version of FlexLM is 11.10, found in the 2013 media. 

Edit: 2012 March 27 – Updated video for 2013 product uploaded!

Setting this up on a virtual server is also fine, whether you’re using Hyper-V or VMware.  When you setup the VM, it’ll use a random MAC address. Instead, you should hard coding the MAC address to the virtual NIC so it won’t change.

  1. Version 10.4 of the license manager will not load at all in Server 2008.  Why are you using that anyways? Load the latest FlexLM on the media of 2010 software. You should be using 11.5.xxxxxxxxxx. Should look something like this: FlexLM-11.5
  2. On the Autocad install DVD (or any other installation DVD) package for FlexLM is named NLM.msi.  If you need to install on a remote server you only need this file. Inside there are three files: lmtools.exe, lmgrd.exe, and the lmutil.exe
  3. Note down the existing settings onto notepad and copy the files (especially the license file) off to a backup directory.  You do not want to mess up and delete your license file!!!!
  4. Remove the old version via “Programs and Features” in Control Panel.  In case you didn’t know, Microsoft has renamed the old reliable “Add/Remove Programs”. You can also stop the service manually and do an “in place” installation.
  5. Click on the MSI file and follow the wizard. It’s super simple.
  6. Some people recommended  to move the 32 bit (x86) version of FlexLM to “fake” the 64 bit (x64) version of FlexLM.  Why are they doing this? I have no idea. I don’t recommend it but hey, if you like it, do it.
  7. Once it’s installed, configure as service, go to the CONFIG SERVICES tab and point/browse to those locations for LMGRD, LICENSE FILE, DEBUG FILE (you might have to create a debug.log file manually). Make sure the two check boxes are checked and click on SAVE SERVICE.
  8. VOILA!


Add the 4 files to the DEP exception list on your Server 2008 as well as providing firewall exceptions (if necessary) to ports 2080 and 27000~27009. Simple as pie.

Btw, I found this link online: http://www.globes.com/support/fnp_utilities_download.htm. It has all the latest FlexLM for all different OS’ and processors. I’m NOT sure the validity of it but hey, doesn’t hurt to try it, especially since it’s straight from the manufacturer. Do note that it’s NOT from Autodesk, which basically means try at your own risk. =)