Barracuda Central (vs)

SPAM or SCAM? I’m the network engineer for my firm and recently, I’ve been informed that Barracuda has black listed our IP. A fairly large customer found out when he’s stopped getting our invoices! No invoices means not getting paid. NEVER A GOOD THING! 

It wasn’t our domain name, but our IP that was blacklisted (or rated poor). I guess that makes sense if we were sending a lot of messages out (indicating we’ve been hijacked by BOTS or running a spamming operation), but we sent roughly 200 automated emails a day (all specific to the orders placed during that day, all different, all with each customers’ PDF of the invoice). We track the SMTP queue and also track the network traffic on the server running the SMTP service (to prevent hijacking and spot anomalies). The number of messages or size of network traffic is so minuscule that it should never be blacklisted.

Thus, like a real IT guy, I turn to the interwebs and did a search! I found that you can request removal from Barracuda Central:


That’s not surprising, but the RESULTING page is! I got a confirmation number and also a “TIP” that if I register my domain / IP to, it’ll be automatically exempt! Tempted, I made an account,…. up to the point of filling out my company information until I realized there’s payment involved: $20.


In the realm of IT, $20 is nothing. But the problem is, I further search and found a page from that says, nice of you to register, but will NOT get you delisted from Barracuda Block list (BRBL):


So what is the real story? What’s the point of putting in the Barracuda Central site when it’s not even used? Further investigation reveals that Barracuda owns! Is it a scam to collect more money? I can’t say for sure. And besides, I don’t want to get sued by Barracuda either (there’s no such thing as free speech!). So, let the wise IT guy be diligent in his/her research and draw his/her conclusion! 🙂

It turns out that Spiceworks forums have a bunch of post on this exact issue! Links here:

I have since asked the affect customers’ network engineers to white list our domain and our IP. Hopefully they’ll start getting emails from us!

Another day in the life of a IT guy! 🙂

One thought on “Barracuda Central (vs)

  1. Graham Bentley February 3, 2017 / 2:44 am

    Coming at this from a totally different angle: after setting up our own internal mail server & changing our MX records I was testing DNSBL & RHSBL to reduce incoming crud and Barracuda’s list was suggested as being a useful addition to spamhaus & spamcops lists. There is no cost to using their list and many do. After finding the lists where in fact making a pretty big dent in removing the crud I started reading up on whitelist maintainers and as was one of the lower priced services did not hesitate to sign up. It was only after doing so I actually started to research user reviews and found rather unsavoury opinions about their services. I have also noticed that they do not seem too keen to answer pertinent questions. For example what happens if I want to close my account? As usual on the account settings page of their site there is nowhere to do that. Also, as I was starting with a clean, previously unused IP, would the removal of my domain/ip from their list be any worse then not having used it in the first place? I also wonder what methods they use to aggregate email volume graph data for our domain within 5 minutes if signing up?

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