Just like spider man? =)

With the weather warming up, it’s time to get active! Made my way over to Brooklyn Boulders a few times already and if you haven’t visited before, this place is awesome! After taking the learn the ropes class and getting familiar with the system, a few of us managed to get the “red card” that’ll let us belay each other. From then on, it was straight up to the top!


What’s new with Revit Server 2014?

Autodesk Revit Server, in it’s 3rd gen, improves upon previous versions and allows users within an organization across multiple locations to simultaneously collaborate on Revit workshared projects. I’m going to explain what’s new in Revit Server 2014 and also show you how to set it up in your office. Understand the concepts, and then get the servers ready by installing any prerequisites. It might sound obvious, but before implementing Revit Server in your office, it’s highly recommended to do some planning and draw it out logically how you want / expect it to work. You don’t want to make a bunch of Revit Servers floating around your network and cluttering your VM.