“2011 – Autodesk, Networks, Deployments, etc etc” webinar

Just finished presenting my 2011 webinar on Wednesday, Whoohooo! Enhanced with a new slide deck and new virtual interface this year, you can tell that I did some prepping for this presentation. Hope that everyone who joined really enjoyed it! Yes, I did get to put in some much loved antics. Yes, I gave shout-outs to all my folks. Yes, it is recorded – click the pic for the link on vimeo! 🙂


Recorded the deployment creation separately using Navisworks Manage 2011 instead of Revit Architecture 2011 so that I can fast-forward it.  Everyone will be able to see the complete demo, and even include the GPO software deployment.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email! I’m always open to constructive critics’ thoughts and opinions 🙂 While you do that, I’ll be multitasking and preparing for my next Microsoft exam… Whooohooo!


New wheels!!!!

No, I didn’t get a new car. I live in New York, there’s no need for a car (unless you like sitting in traffic and burning a hole through your wallet).

Check out my [second hand] Cannondale that I picked up on Craigslist the past weekend! It’s a Road Race Series 3.0 Aluminum bike… Okay, not the latest technology by any means, but I still love it. It might not even be in perfect condition, but a little TLC and it should be ready to handle the next bike trip! Giving it new handle bar tape, a nice clean, chain grease, brake pads, … maybe a rear rack to strap my bag. This will be my first road bike!!!! SWEET!



A walk in the park – Hiking along the AT to Morgan Steward Shelter

Just got back from a 20+ mile hike this weekend on the AT and it was COLD! HA! Okay, besides the night time air being 35 degrees, it was a pretty darn awesome hike. Being the gear head that I am, I just added two more things to get: trekking poles and a pot stabilizer for my jetboil. Here are a few quick pictures from the trip:


IMG_8185 IMG_8188

IMG_8197 IMG_8216

So stinkin’ windy and cold that night that it brought down so many trees that it ended up blocking our paths out! Craziness. NOTE TO SELF: Do not hike with running shoes. HA! 🙂

IMG_3138 <- Reward after the hike: Coke and Cheez Doodles!!!!! 🙂

When’s my AutoCAD 2011 coming?!

Some people have been asking (by CALLING MIND YOU!) for their 2011 media. Out of the big pool that is expected, only three products of the AutoCAD family is available (AutoCAD [tried and true, old school], AutoCAD LT [YUCK!] & AutoCAD Architecture). If you want it NOW, log into the subscription center and start your downloads! Can’t find the right links?

When you log into subscription center, that orange button is the place you want to click “GET YOUR UPGRADES”


Then you’ll see the below screen on the left… click on the software you want to download. VOILA! It’s that simple!!!

And if your internet connection is crappy, then you might want to order a DVD: Left hand navigation area, click on “Request a DVD/CD” and fill out the form. PLEASE make sure you order what you need. Did you know that every month, about 100,000 pounds of DVD/CD are disposed of? YIKES! Help reduce your footprint and order only what you MUST order.


Lunch is served!

We had our annual lunch this afternoon at Le Marais by Little Brazil in NYC, and boy oh boy was it fun!!! HA! Okay, maybe I had a little too much, but you can’t help it if they’re pouring Grey Goose along with the bottles of fine red wine!

Without a doubt, 2009 has been pretty tough for everyone, us included. But we always remind ourselves that through good times and bad times, friends are friends and they’re here to stay. And that’s something to always be thankful for. Just a few pictures while they were able to get my glass of wine away from my hands 🙂 CHEERS! 


IMG_7909 IMG_7930

IMG_7912 IMG_7910

IMG_7913  IMG_7924

Virtualizing my SharePoint server….

Going green… and just jumping into the hype, I’ve giving myself the project of taking our company physical server that houses the SharePoint site and … virtualizing it. The old server was a Dell PE 2500 with a whoooping one CPU 1.00 GHz processor. Ha! I laugh cuz the machine I’m typing on is dual dual core and a ton of RAM. My how technology has been speeding along!

Anyways. Before I started the project, I did the typical. Backup twice, practice restoring it, back up again. Everyone, I know it’s been said but I keep finding people doing projects and jumping into them without first backing up AND testing your backup. Backups FAIL and you don’t want to be in the server room at night!!!! So with all the precautions in place, I proceeded and… ::drum roll please:: succeeded! Okay okay, most of my projects usually succeed (cause my job depends on it! Ha!). While researching the process, I noticed that a LOT of people are trying the same thing and failing at certain steps. So I decided to document my steps to virtualize my server and hopefully someone can get some benefit out of it.

QUICK NOTE: If your server is called server1 and you created the Sharepoint site already, it’s tedious to change the server name to something else (like server2) and reconnect the dbase and other connecting points. It’s quicker to reinstall the entire server (less than an hour).

  1. Preform backup of the existing sharepoint site using the sharepoint central admin interface.
  2. Restore the Windows SharePoint Services Web Application – default site port 80. If you already created a site in Sharepoint, you’ll have to use the existing db. Otherwise, you’ll have to make a new one.
  3. You’ll notice the failure on WSS_Content. Object WSS_Content failed in event OnPostRestore. For more information, see the error log located in the backup directory. SPException: Cannot attach database to Web application. Use the command line tool or Central Administration pages to attach the database manually to the proper Web Application.
  4. When you see that error message, that means that you MUST USE THE STSADM command line utility from the SharePoint site to upgrade the existing SharePoint to the latest. The GUI will NOT work. Stsadm is located at the following path on the drive where SharePoint Products and Technologies is installed: %COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\microsoft shared\web server extensions\12\bin. You must be an administrator on the local computer to use Stsadm.
  5. General command line that I found online:
    • copied a production site this way: stsadm -o backup -url http://myproductionserver -filename myproductionsite.cab
    • create a new empty website with the administrator web on the same server using another IP port number or another server like: http://testserver or http://productionserver:12345 (You can do that with stsadm)
    • then i restore the backup file: ststadm -o restore -url http://testserver -filename myproductionsite.cab -overwrite
    • Maybe a iisreset may be needed in between the creation or the restore.
  6. Use that same restore command: ststadm -o restore -url http://testserver -filename myproductionsite.cab -overwrite
  7. SharePoint server has been moved from a physical server to a virtual server.  Since it’s different server name and different IP address, I modified the DNS entry on the domain. Requests to the old SharePoint server will be directed to the new one.
  8. VOILA!

That’s that! Going from a MS Windows Server 2003 physical machine to a MS Windows Server 2008 virtual machine. Hope everyone finds it helpful!

eh. another presence

It seems like now-a-days, internet presence establishes your identity online. I mean, it start with photo sites and then myspace, followed by facebook… but are all these blog or internet communities short lived? I think so. I mean, I have xanga (remember them?), still do actually. Haven’t really posted anything though. I had Myspace but got lazy with it. Still use Facebook, which seems to be the dominate player right now. What about Ringo? And then LinkedIn, which is the “professional’s Facebook”? I mean… you can only leave your mark on so many different places. So here is my presence. Again. =”)