Revit Central File issues with mixed OS environments?

Central file issues in mixed OS environments – are things just falling apart?! A few different firms have ran into issues working with their Revit files with some users not able to open some Revit models while others can. Strange isn’t it? The only thing common between the firms are that their host OS is mixed up, with office workstations working between three different Windows versions (XP, Vista, and 7).

We were able to work with the files in our lab and training rooms without any issues so we then continued our investigation onto their environment. Of the few things we’ve tried, deleting the worksharing LOG file (.slog) file did not help. We even tried adjusting the frequency Revit checks for worksharing updates, as featured in Revit OpEd: but it didn’t fix anything.

Not sure if it’s something broken with Revit 2012 or is it something more specific to how the OS is handling I/O traffic but what is interesting is that for two of the firms having this problem, updating their Revit Architecture 2012 to Update Release 1 fixed their issues! While I’d love to try to figure why it’s failing but since this fixes it, I’ll have to move on to other pressing tasks. Find the latest Revit Architecture 2012 download here:

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