Beam me back to the network please! [the 2012 version]

We all know 2012 brought a lot of new features from Autodesk development, and I’m especially glad that the “feature” to convert a standalone license to network license is back. Clients no longer need to uninstall software in order to make it run from the license server. Tweak the registry [check the pic for the path] – a value of 1 is network, 2 is standalone.

*If you’re wondering why people ask for this ability, just think of the number of architects & engineers who take a company laptop but forget to check out a license. Without any connection back to the network, the only option to get them up and running is to jump them into the standalone 30 day trial bandwagon. They’ll have 30 days to figure out how to fix it and hopefully IT can setup a VPN connection by then.

One thought on “Beam me back to the network please! [the 2012 version]

  1. thejame August 15, 2011 / 4:55 pm

    And for those who need to move 3ds max 2011 back to network mode, right click on the shortcut and click on PROPERTIES. In the Target path, make sure you append -yc after the closing quotes of the 3dsmax.exe path.

    The entire target should be “C:\Autodesk\3ds Max Design 2011\3dsmax.exe” -yc

    This was actually found in a Autodesk technical solutions (ts) article, TS15198713.

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