LMTOOLS – Status Enquiry cut-off?

Wrapping up on some projects with Revit Server; we’ve already helped a few folks who jumped onto the bandwagon with Revit Server. Now it’s up to Autodesk team to make sure their forthcoming wishes are met…. thinking about more granular permissions, Revit Server (Central / Local) being dual/multi homed, extending utilities to let BIM managers have greater control (backup agents, disk duplication, etc). If you want a feature, PLEASE SUBMIT A CASE WITH AUTODESK!!!!

On a different note, I was helping a client this week and came across a very common issue. When you have a large number of licenses (think 100+), it’s very easy for LMTOOLS Status Enquiry window to be cut off. This is a known (or at least acknowledged) limitation with the software.

To read data from the license file, include the individual feature code in the options:

To avoid the cut off, you’ll have to run LMUTIL via command line (sans UI) and specify only the specific feature code. To find out who’s using Revit MEP 2011, here are the exact commands: lmutil lmstat -f 85624REVSYP_2011_0F

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