“2011 – Autodesk, Networks, Deployments, etc etc” webinar

Just finished presenting my 2011 webinar on Wednesday, Whoohooo! Enhanced with a new slide deck and new virtual interface this year, you can tell that I did some prepping for this presentation. Hope that everyone who joined really enjoyed it! Yes, I did get to put in some much loved antics. Yes, I gave shout-outs to all my folks. Yes, it is recorded – click the pic for the link on vimeo! 🙂


Recorded the deployment creation separately using Navisworks Manage 2011 instead of Revit Architecture 2011 so that I can fast-forward it.  Everyone will be able to see the complete demo, and even include the GPO software deployment.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email! I’m always open to constructive critics’ thoughts and opinions 🙂 While you do that, I’ll be multitasking and preparing for my next Microsoft exam… Whooohooo!


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