When’s my AutoCAD 2011 coming?!

Some people have been asking (by CALLING MIND YOU!) for their 2011 media. Out of the big pool that is expected, only three products of the AutoCAD family is available (AutoCAD [tried and true, old school], AutoCAD LT [YUCK!] & AutoCAD Architecture). If you want it NOW, log into the subscription center and start your downloads! Can’t find the right links?

When you log into subscription center, that orange button is the place you want to click “GET YOUR UPGRADES”


Then you’ll see the below screen on the left… click on the software you want to download. VOILA! It’s that simple!!!

And if your internet connection is crappy, then you might want to order a DVD: Left hand navigation area, click on “Request a DVD/CD” and fill out the form. PLEASE make sure you order what you need. Did you know that every month, about 100,000 pounds of DVD/CD are disposed of? YIKES! Help reduce your footprint and order only what you MUST order.



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