Ready for another round of AutoCAD? 2011 is out!

It seems like everyone and their mother’s are blogging about the new 2011 software that was just release…. AutoCAD and other fun joys. Of course, you’d read from your favorite reseller on their front page about it, about how awesome the new UI is, how slick the new tools are, how much easier it is to use materials…. Instead of reading about it, why not join the fun? Install it and play around with it yourself? It’s packed with lots of tutorials that even let’s newbs [and maybe even some noobs] seem like seasoned experts!

We actually started rolling AutoCAD 2011 on our virtual network as a test a few weeks ago, and it’s been going pretty well! No stability issues to mention [yet]. What I did notice is the new prereq’s that it needs before the software is actually deployed, as well as the affecting components. Nothing new in the deployment side of things. GP and SCCM still the norm. No real significant usage tools available for the CAD Managers snoopping around to make sure their architects are actually working.

If you’re wondering what’s the difference between 2010 and 2011, check out the Autodesk comparison matrix. I’m sure you love marketing materials don’t you? As for the meat and potatoes – we’ll have a webinar full of useful awesomeness on our website soon! In the meantime, read more of the [general] new features here! ….


*This is picture is not done in AutoCAD 2011 nor is it a render from AutoCAD 2011… It’s just me on the top floor of Guggenheim Museum in the NYC. Thought you’ll need a break from all the IT/CAD stuff with all the hype and hoopla going around =)


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