IPv6 anyone?

There’s a lot of interest with IPv6 recently, and rightfully so. IPv4 is slated to run out of addresses very soon; it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how IPv6 can work in your office and start some serious brainstorming!

While brainstorming, I thought of my core technology needs – which is Autodesk software. If you want your workstations to obtain licenses, then you’ll need the specific version of FlexLM License Manger that supports it!


Autodesk Network License Manager IPv6 Support for Windows {link}

Published Date: 2010-Mar-06
Article ID: DL10976858

Things to note about this version:

  • You can not return borrowed licenses early.
  • This works in a ‘mixed’ IPv4 and IPv6 environment, not just IPv6.

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